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Wed, Mar. 22nd, 2006, 01:01 pm
Signing off :(

Over the last few months, I've lost my passion for journaling. Things in my life have been sorta dramatic, and I just don't want to post all those icky details. I know I don't have to tell everything about myself, but those personal problems have just got me to feeling rather unmotivated to write anything at all. I am hanging with my best bud Anastasia, and she helps me get through the garbage and keep my spirits up. Not to mention I love my kids with every fiber of my being, and they always make me happy.

I mentioned before that I needed to get a job to solve one of my problems. Well, I got one. I got a job at our local middle school as the Registrar. I worked at a high school for 3 years, and I find the work enjoyable for the most part. I'm sure it will be a fun job and the pay is really, really good for this area. Not to mention the benefits and summers off. I will also get home at a decent time to still have late afternoons and evenings home with the boys.

Needless to say, I'm going through a major adjustment from being home full-time to working full-time. I think that I may take this opportunity to sign off from LiveJournal and focus on getting my life corrected. Not that I've been online much lately anyway, but it will be even more infrequent now that I'm working and then trying to have "quality" time with the boys when I get home.

I appreciate all the people here that I've met and will still peek in from time to time to read what you are all up to. Thank you all so much for your comments when things were good and unconditional support when I was feeling down. :)

Fri, Mar. 10th, 2006, 08:44 am
Snow day!

Okay. This is totally weird. It rarely snows here, maybe once a year, if at all. Today, just days before Spring, Mother Nature chose to blanket my little town with snow! They even closed the schools. Which cracks me up because it's barely ankle deep, and the roads are mostly clear. Up north and back east, they would laugh at us for closing the schools for so little snow. I suppose we just aren't used to it. Or they are looking for an excuse to give teachers a day off.

It's cool though, I'm gonna bundle up the kids and take our little snow "disk" and find a good hill to fly down.

The week was pretty uneventful, just anxiously awaiting Spring. Now it looks like it's never going to arrive. Grrr. My flowers are gonna die. Well, I'll try to cheer up here, and get the kids out. Maybe if I pelt someone with some snowballs I'll feel better. >:)

Sun, Mar. 5th, 2006, 09:32 am
A not-so-exciting post for your Sunday enjoyment.

Tennis is getting better. I've been practicing a couple of times a week on the backboard at the park while the boys are in school. I really, really want to be above the level of that annoying 10-year old brat, so I don't have to be paired with him. It worked. I didn't even have to play with the kid that sighs when I miss, groans when we're paired up, and argues with me about whether the ball is "in" or "out". Best lesson ever yesterday. Look out for me at the next US Open.

We had a lovely week of sunshine. I did some "Spring Cleaning" early, and holy crap, my curtains were dusty. Something tells me I should wash them more than once every 2 years? Whadya think? I was also wrong about the color of my blinds until I dusted them. I thought they were gray, apparently they are white. I'm a clean person, it's just that the detail cleaning gets ignored.

My neighbor Jessie, drove up to Portland to see Bon Jovi. She's very silly, I hear Twisted Sister, Warrant, Def Leppard, and other various 80's hair bands blasting from her house every weekend. Forgive me but, who still likes these bands? If you do, please explain. She gave me a "Power Rock" mix CD for my trip to California a couple weeks ago. Anastasia and I played it (mostly so we wouldn't be lying when we said we listened to it) and honestly, I don't know why I ever liked the stuff.

This is a pretty boring post, this is what happens when you have a pretty uneventful life. I suppose I'd rather have uneventful than drama. I can live with that :)

Wed, Mar. 1st, 2006, 03:56 pm
Hardy har

I'm staring out the window and my neighbors across the street are finally taking down their Christmas lights. ha. I guess March is that magical month for them.

We had a nice day until now, clouds came rolling in, but before that we had sun. Damn Oregon weather. I'll be praising it in just a couple of months. When the sun was out, I planted all my seeds in starter pots for my garden. Hoo-ha! Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes. Oh, and some peppers. Hope my garden does better than last year.

I'm reading The Pillars of the Earth again. I've raved about it before, so I won't bore you. I will say, that Ken Follett is writing a sequel. So, if you love it like me, read it again before he publishes #2.

Ah crap, the kids just ran out back and it's threatening to rain. Gotta run and round up the two psychos. I swear, I'm gonna be better with my updates. :)

Tue, Feb. 28th, 2006, 09:53 am
My trip in a nutshell.

I can't believe I haven't posted before now. Sorry. I'm a flake. :(

Anastasia and I hit the road to California two Fridays ago. We drove to San Francisco in a rental car and yakked all the way. We found my brother's new apartment (not new to him, but new to me) with no problems. It was a bitchin' place. A two-story loft immaculately decorated. Sigh. If only I could afford Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn. My decor comes from Target. Such is life.

We went out to a gay bar (sorry if I offend, that's his lifestyle, if you don't like it, delete me), and had a great time catching up and having a few cocktails. Afterwards, we got sushi, which I haven't had in centuries and looooved it!!

The next day, we hit the shopping district of SF and I got a few items including some new tennis shoes that I was way overdue for.

Saturday afternoon, we went to Santa Cruz. It rained the whole way. I thought I left the rain in Oregon dammit. Anyway, we met up with her cousin, and hit the town. We hit a few clubs, got hit on by some weirdos, and I drank waaaay too much. I puked. Nice.

The next day we did the Santa Cruz shopping thing. I also got the cartilage in my ear pierced in a tattoo shop. I love it. Oooh, I should take a pic and post it. I always say I'm going to post piccies, and never do. Please forgive a mom who has to chase little ones and never gets around to everything I say.

We drove halfway home that Sunday, spent the night in a gross Super 8 Motel in Northern Cal, and finished the drive on Monday. I was soooo ready to see my kids. They gave me the warmest greeting. My three-year-old was actually shaking with anticipation when he saw me. It was so cute. It's nice to go away, but really nice to come back. :)

More updates later :)

Thu, Feb. 16th, 2006, 09:00 am
Oh well.

I didn't get the job. However, on the bright side, they called me personally to tell me that it was really close between me and some other girl. The other girl had more experience working in a big school district and handled a job like this before. Then she told me that they would like me to consider interviewing for another job that's coming open in a couple of months. I said "of course!". They said they really wanted me working for them, and wanted to find a better fit. Cool.

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Fri, Feb. 10th, 2006, 10:00 am
General update...

Okay, the sun has been uncharacteristically shining, so I haven't played on the computer in ages and ages. Sorry to be a stranger!

I had a job interview yesterday. With the school district. It's a really good job, actually, I felt underqualified. I went in with the notion that it was an "Assistant" job, just like every single job I've ever had. So, I answered all their questions accordingly. Then, they told me that maybe I didn't understand that this was a "Supervisory" job! Holy crap. I switched gears and talked about my college training, and the (very few, honestly) people I've supervised. I don't know. Maybe they will see my potential and hire me, but maybe they'll think I'm not ready for a job with this much responsibility. Hmmmm....*ponder* I'll find out next week.

We had a Texas Hold 'Em party last weekend. The kids were at the in-laws. I had a decent turnout, but as usual, drinks were flowing and the husband and I had a row. Ugh. We don't do well at parties together, I think from now on we'll flip a coin to see who will attend the next party. I won some money, though, and afterwards my girlfriends and I turned on some dance music and we did the macarena. Don't laugh, okay laugh, it was fun anyway :P

I did a little shopping for Spring/Summer. Got a new bathing suit. *shudders* Why the hell do they set the lighting in dressing rooms so you look like hell?! Don't ya think they should make the lighting flattering, instead of showing every little flaw in your body? Just more motivation to tone up before summer. I'm not really "overweight" exactly, but I need to firm up for sure! Bleah. *dusts off treadmill*

Well, that's a good update for now. Gotta get out there, that sunshine is calling my name!! :)

Wed, Jan. 25th, 2006, 02:54 pm
That explains it...

I figured out why I was feeling so moody yesterday. I came down with a monster cold last night that hit me like a freight train. I was asleep by 8:15. And for someone that suffers from chronic insomnia, that's unheard of! But after sleeping for 11 hours, I feel a little better today and less grouchy and fatigued.

By the way, did anyone see "The 40-Year-Old Virgin"? I loved it. Kinda rude, but I like that sort of humor. Sue me :) Anyway, I just love Steve Carell. "The Office" has totally grown on me, and I thought he was hilarious when he was on "The Daily Show". So my pick for rising star of the year 2005 is.....(drum roll)...STEVE CARELL! Anyone else concur? Oh and his wife (Nancy Walls) is funny too. I'd love to be at a dinner party with those two.

Not much else goin' on, except the gloom has returned to my neck of Oregon. Sigh. At least we had those 2 glorious days......

Tue, Jan. 24th, 2006, 09:08 am

Okay, I read yesterday's post and think: "How can I be so happy one day, and feel so depressed the next?" Is it PMS? No, that's not until the 5th? Is it being a woman? Maybe. Do you think women are more moody than men? I tend to think so, we are complicated, and most men are simpler than that. Not all men (don't get offended, my male readers), just the ones I've known. Although, my husband can change his mood on the drop of a dime. But he doesn't dwell and overanalyze like I do.

Maybe when the sun pops out from behind the fog, my spirits will lift. I hope so, because I feel like crying for no real reason.

Mon, Jan. 23rd, 2006, 01:17 pm
The sun will come out......today!

lalala....I get so giddy when the sun is shining. It's been so glooooooomy for...well...forever it seems. It's crystal clear outside and I'm going to pull weeds in the backyard. I'm only sitting here at the computer because my kitchen floor is wet (I mopped, exciting huh?) and I have to pass through there to get to the backyard.
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